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Since I posted the poem Ithaca by C.P. Cavafy in May 2007, it has been the most sought after and most read poem on this site, garnering 1,720 views. Karl Mikelsons just wrote in to the comments section of the posting and pointed me to this fantastic reading of the poem by Sean Connery.

Only one year ago I was working at a job that felt like dying. My dear friend Anders Hansen, a Philadelphia artist sent me the poem and I immediately fell in love with it. As many of you have as well. It helped me keep a sense of perspective as I grappled with the “Lestrygonians” of my daily existence.

This year I found the perfect job and just spent the whole summer traveling through Europe and opening myself up to the journey. Once again, Ithaca reminds me on how best to go through the world, literally and metaphorically.

Enjoy the video!

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