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The Ravens

Over the black corner at midday
The ravens rush with hard cry.
Their shadow streaks past the doe
And sometimes they are seen in sullen rest.

O how they disturb the brown silence
Of a field lying ecstatic with itself,
Like a woman ensnared by heavy intuition,
And sometimes one can hear their nagging

Around a carcass scented out somewhere,
And suddenly their flight bends northward
And disappears like a funeral procession
Into winds that tremble with lust.

-Georg Trakl


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the kitchen faucet

prattles on in dark,

and i think of the fallen nest

i found on the walk home…

(in my demi-sleep,

the dripping

takes the voice of a fledgling)

the chirping inserts itself,

replacing all notion


no plumber, no sparrow, no god,

i can do nothing to repair

the illusion or the certainty

(i toss,

on a bed too small for a man)

awash in reverie,

having never seen

the place i’d rather be…

Robert David Williams

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