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The light the light as if there were but one

Falling in less than sphere direction yet

Slithering about the unseen modes formed

And forgotten on the windward side of

Prime so thankful to find us patient and

From the mouths of dreaming giants a cold

Black logic solid converse of shadow

Drips a torment not not sublime in its

Saccharine and relative spite torched as witch

Practice knows while shade defines edges bent

To purpose and teas brew adjacent on

Slabs called less than shrine as if there were but

Chairs to remedy this musical sort

Of lonely men standing left at games end


“of lonely men standing left at games end”


-Robert David Williams


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the kitchen faucet

prattles on in dark,

and i think of the fallen nest

i found on the walk home…

(in my demi-sleep,

the dripping

takes the voice of a fledgling)

the chirping inserts itself,

replacing all notion


no plumber, no sparrow, no god,

i can do nothing to repair

the illusion or the certainty

(i toss,

on a bed too small for a man)

awash in reverie,

having never seen

the place i’d rather be…

Robert David Williams

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