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Here are the TOP 10 POEMS of 2020 at NinaAlvarez.net.

It’s worth noting that 2020 was the first year EVER at this blog (started in 2007) that “Ithaca” was knocked from 1st place, replaced with “I Walked a Mile with Pleasure,” a poem about how much Sorrow teaches us. Seems fitting. I hope these poems brought some joy, perspective, and solace to those of you who needed it this year. Thank you for 14 years of celebrating poetry.


Happy New Year.

1. I Walked a Mile with Pleasure

2. Ithaca

3. On The Road Home

4. Deathless Aphrodite of the Spangled Mind

5. The Lost Son

6. The Insect God

7. The Serpent

8. Wish for a Young Wife

9. I Looked at the World

10. The Unicorn


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