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What they don’t know
about ADD
is that you don’t have a present.

You could be a great filmmaker,
but for this affliction,
the sequence of small moments that make
an epiphany are too small
and too slow to recount,
your mind is already 15 years in the past, or counting your change from lunch
or watching
Vampire Weekend on SNL.

There are trends
and people that speak
about pink party Murakami

The Gawker stalker street New York
vibrant vibratory
lessons of too many words
too many Emily Gould
was right

I click keys at their fringes, I want
some movement
to keep my mind from reeling back
to what are now
of this long absence
of presence. Of attention.
Of a decade waiting to be
like I was before the mind took over. And was
as faithless
as a teenager.

-Nina Alvarez


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