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Something new. A little video lesson on Not Overthinking the Process of writing and publishing.

Let me know what results you get! If I get enough responses, I’ll do the exercise myself and post my results.

And here’s the link to my dear, cherished duotrope.


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reachtree.jpgThough I gave up the teaching game two years ago, I am still in contact with some of the students I felt most connected to. Recently, one of them sent me an email, asking about what jobs there are out there for English majors, besides teaching. I have done almost everything you can do with an English degree: taught, tutored, wrote for a newspaper, published my own work, worked for a publishing company, edited, copywrote, and proofread. But it has been a long haul. I graduated with no real sense of how to get my foot in the door to any of these areas. Below is my response to her. I hope it will helpful to college students with similar questions.


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A recent poll by the AP shows that only 1 in 4 adults have read a book in the past year. This makes my stomach hurt. Maybe it’s my heart dropping into my stomach, but either way, it isn’t a good sign for a writer, editor, and publisher…

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