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Today’s submission is by the writer/poet/actor Michael Lamanna.

Breathing, Becoming

Remembering, I am
and green
folding fields
silver hills
pond and sky

I stray
grass. Sway

Remember, I am
like sun
massive, stubborn
like breeze
warm, growing
like grass
alive, golden

I stall
ripe. Fall
I am

– Michael Lamanna

And the Why
Why is it one of my favorites? I guess it’s because it makes my heart feel bigger than my chest.


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Today’s submission is by the photographer and poet Rick Wright.

The Song

The song
wouldn’t come out
from under
the soul’s wall

Notes have lept over
some nights

But, it is held
and down

And those notes I heard
brief words
those nights
writing life

Make me think it will.

-Rick Wright

And the why:

I love the poem for its sense of longing and optimism. That we might
see our loved ones become fully conscioius of their own power. The
child about to walk. We watch and root them on.

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Today’s submission is by Steven (all the way from Australia).

Also check out The Army of Truth and Light Forever, written by him and others (including, in the near future, me).  

Dark Sprite (for LOS)

What dark sprite pursues you down those corridors of ice, that endless, lead to nowhere but the fear within your heart?

Dare you name the creature that has stolen your joy, and insatiable in its fury ever thirsts for more?

We remember you in the golden time, before the fall, when your soul untrammelled flew among the stars.

Please don’t go away; don’t leave us only with memories of your fierce dark mind, the mysteries you create, the paths you tread where none has gone before.

And the why:

Every time I read this poem I bawl my eyes out. The poem is about my daughter and the problems that caused her to leave the family home. Over a number of years her personality changed from being happy, optimistic, outgoing and over-achieving to being the total opposite of those qualities. She began to self-mutilate; she began to have various extremely frightening  delusions (frightening for her as well as for other family members).  Despite psychiatric help and a range of medications, her state of mind has failed to improve. We suspect that she has experienced sexual abuse at some point in her life, but she has always denied that  very strongly. To this day, we don’t know what caused her to change, we don’t know why, we don’t know what, we don’t know where to go from here — and neither do her counselors and psychiatrists.  The “dark sprite” in the poem represents the thing that “stole her joy” and continues to pursue her to this day.


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Thanks to Ceej123 for this lovely submission.

In Search of Faeries

Merry Mill rises higher on the hill,
disappears behind a curtain of green.
Woody arms and fingers inter-lace
curling pointy welcomes,
drawing us in.

Terabithia awaits.
Fireflies light the way down the
fern-kissed path where
tagless, costless dreams
hang on secret trees. The fruits
wrinkle your tongue if
you eat them before the
faeries come.

I know they are hiding
beneath the mushrooms,
tall and wide, lush
sacred umbrellas.
This time we will see them.

Come with me.

And the why:

Above is a poem that I wrote about another passion of mine. I hope to use my poetry to encourage people to once again have an imagination about nature and to seek out a magical connection to it. We need to teach the wonderous, fascinating joy of nature to our children..after all, how can we save what we do not first love?

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